We breakdown LTO's e-DL

Last week, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that the electronic driver’s license (e-DL) is now available online through the agency’s Land Transportation Management System (LTMS).

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With this new policy in place, drivers, as well as motorcycle riders, now have ZERO excuses for driving without a license. Did you forget to bring your wallet and physical DL? No sweat! Access to your e-DL is not rocket science and is pretty simple. It is as easy as accessing your own social media account. Heck, even individuals who are in their 60s and 70s are well-versed or savvy with their own social media accounts. As long as you have a smartphone and mobile data (who doesn’t?), you should now have access to your e-DL.

Here’s what you need to know about the new e-DL:

You must have an LTMS account

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The LTO’s new e-DL is available to all valid driver’s license holders. However, you must first create an account (username and password) by logging in at https://portal.lto.gov.ph/

Click on the “Register” tab and follow the instructions.

Access your e-DL via LTMS

After successfully creating a username and password, you may now log in at the LTMS portal. You must remember this username and password by heart and do not give anyone your login credentials, even LTO, and their deputized agents.

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Look for the “digital ID” on the main dashboard and click/press the icon. A digital version of your driver’s license (e-DL), front and back, will be presented on your mobile phone’s screen.

Legitimate e-DL

Your e-DL will be an alternative or “digital” version of your driver’s license. As such, all the privileges, as well as the duties and responsibilities of a valid driver’s license holder apply to an e-DL holder.

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To check for legitimacy, an LTO law enforcement officer or any of their deputized agents may ask you to show them the QR code, which is also found on the e-DL. They will scan this QR code using their phone’s QR code reader or similar handheld device and it should return with a “verified digital ID” from LTO’s database.

Take note, however, that LTO and its deputized law enforcement agents, will not accept screenshots or similar saved pictures of your e-DL in the event of an apprehension. Those who fail or refuse to present their e-DL will be meted with a violation of failure to carry a driver’s license.


Yes, access to LTO’s LTMS is free (carrier data charges may apply) and so is access to your e-DL. Should anyone of LTO’s law enforcement units or their deputized agents ask for an LTMS access fee, immediately contact the LTO CITISend hotline at 1-342-586 or through the CITISend mobile app.

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