We check out what makes the 2022 Ford Ranger unique from the outgoing T6

When the all-new Ford Ranger debuted last November, we were surprised just how radical it looks. Despite being based on a heavily upgraded T6 platform, it looks nothing like the outgoing sixth-generation pick-up truck.

From its chiseled front end, massive black grille, sculpted rear, and high-tech cabin, Ford did not skimp on making the Ranger look badass and futuristic at the same time. But just how different does the new Ranger compare to the outgoing model?

To find out, we decided to put two generations of the Ranger Wildtrak side-by-side and see the difference (and perhaps the similarities) for ourselves between the two pick-up trucks.

Fresh new face

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, the all-new Ranger has probably one of the most striking faces in the midsize pickup segment today. Borrowing design cues from the F-150 and Maverick trucks, the new C-shaped headlights and LED daytime running lights give the Ranger a more aggressive (and fresh) look. Meanwhile, the grille itself is now larger and comes with extensions that drop down to the bumper - giving the pickup a more distinct look.

2022 Ford Ranger image
2020 Ford Ranger image

Side-by-side with the outgoing T6 Ranger, it’s clear that the outgoing generation is starting to show its age. While Ford reinvigorated it with several facelifts (the last being in late 2020), it still resembles the update it first received in 2015. Sure, it gets some styling cues from the US-spec model, but one can only do so much with a minor refresh.

All in all, we like what Ford did to the 2022 Ranger. Thanks to the F-150 and Maverick-inspired looks, the Ranger now adopts the Blue Oval’s global design language for pick-up trucks. Some might say it looks too aggressive, but personally, we like the newfound boldness the Ranger now has.

More chiseled angles

Ford wasn’t only busy giving the Ranger a new face. In order to truly make the new pickup truck stand out from the rest, the Blue Oval also made sure its side and rear are more well-defined. What do we mean by well-defined?

For starters, it gets a new pair of LED taillights that appear to mirror the design of the matrix LED headlights. Then there’s the more stylish tailgate which now gets an embossed ‘Ranger’ design, along with a character line that runs the entire width. As an added touch, the tailgate even comes with a lip on the top for extra flair.

2022 Ford Ranger image
2020 Ford Ranger image

Speaking of character lines, even the doors of the Ranger get some of it. While not as apparent compared to the one on the tailgate, it still gives the pick-up some pizzazz. Last but not least are the new alloy wheels.

Compared to the T6, Ford was able to inject a bit more sophistication to the Ranger’s rear and sides. Sure, Ford could have just made it look similar to the T6’s, but like what I mentioned earlier, the automaker wants to give the 2022 Ranger a more unique design over its competitors.

Overhauled interior

If you thought the outside of the new Ranger looks nice, wait ’til you see the inside. There is not one section of the new pick-up’s cabin that resembles or shares its looks with the outgoing T6. From the dashboard to the steering wheel, to the instrument panel, as well as the center console, the cabin of the 2022 Ranger is a far cry from its predecessor.

Don’t expect to find a typical monitor inside the Ranger. Instead, you’ll find a tablet-inspired screen dominating the center of the dashboard. Depending on the model you’re getting, it can measure from 10.1-inches to 12-inches in size. Not only that, it now runs on the latest SYNC 4. If you’ve ever found horizontal touchscreens as small, the Ranger’s new tablet-like design will offer a larger and more generous display.

2022 Ford Ranger image
2020 Ford Ranger image

There’s also a new digital gauge cluster on the new Ranger. Not only can it display the speedometer and tachometer, but it can also show points of interest, GPS navigation, the media system, as well as other relative information. Even the aircon vents of the 2022 Ranger were given attention. Apart from being bigger, they now also adopt a new design that reflects the Ranger’s bolder appearance.

Last but not least, the 2022 Ranger has a new electro-mechanical gear selector. Compared to the T6 which uses a traditional PRNDL (or PRNDS) design, the one on the latest Ranger is similar to what Audi or BMW uses on their vehicles/crossovers. While some might miss the tried-and-tested design from before, the new electro-mechanical selector allowed Ford to free up more space along the center console.

Is bolder better?

To say that the all-new Ranger is one stylish pickup truck is an understatement. With the midsize pickup truck now carrying Ford’s global truck design DNA, it now looks bolder from every angle. Not even the interior was spared from Ford’s radical redesign of its popular pickup truck.

However, some might say Ford overdid it, but personally, we like the direction they're going with. Sure some might miss the T6’s looks, but with the Ranger now looking a lot like the F-150 and Maverick, it’s something fresh for Ford’s popular midsize truck.

2022 Ford Ranger image
2020 Ford Ranger image

We certainly cannot wait for Ford to officially launch the all-new Ranger for the ASEAN market. Because once it’s revealed in Southeast Asia, it means it will be on its way to the Philippines next.

Do you like the new look of the 2022 Ranger, or do you still prefer the design of the T6? Let us know in the comments section.