Take note of promos and discounts the next time you refuel

The latest round of gasoline price increases made a dent in our wallets. It’s why motorists lined up at gas stations across the country last night to fill up before the new prices took effect this morning. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like fuel prices will go down anytime soon, and it’s mainly due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

Given the high price of fuel, every peso saved now counts. Thankfully, some gas stations offer discounts and promos. Depending on the station, you can get discounts up to PHP 7 to 10 per liter. Below we’ll list down some of the promos available at various gas stations to help you save a bit when refueling your vehicle.

These are the fuel discounts you

Unioil (S&R and Loyalty Promo)

Unioil currently offers several discounts for its fuel products. The most popular of the bunches available is for members of S&R Shopping. S&R members can show their membership cards to the gas station attendant and avail of up to PHP 5 per liter for gasoline and PHP 2.50 per liter for diesel. It might not be much, especially compared to the constant price increase since January, but it’s better than nothing.

Aside from the S&R membership promo, the fuel company also offers discounts for members of its loyalty program. Whether it’s with your Unioil Loyalty Card or Unioil Mobile App, you can get discounts of up to PHP 4 per liter for gasoline and PHP 2 per liter for diesel. However, not all Unioil stations are included in this promo. That said, it’s best to ask the attendant first if the particular station you’re at is participating in the Loyalty Fuel Discount promo.

Do note that only one promo is available at a time. That means you can’t avail of both to get one very big discount.

These are the fuel discounts you

Shell (SM Advantage Card) 

Are you a Shell user? It might be a good time to bring your SM Advantage Card (SMAC) around more often. Several Shell stations around Metro Manila now offer discounts for SM Advantage Card holders. To clarify, only SM Advantage cards are being accepted as BDO Rewards Card can no longer be used to avail of the promo.

Unlike the Unioil promo with the S&R Card, not all Shell stations offer the SMAC discount. With that, it’s best to ask the attendant first whether they offer discounts for SMAC holders first. Otherwise, you will end up paying the full price.

These are the fuel discounts you

Caltex (Landers Superstore)

Do you shop at Landers instead of S&R? The membership shopping company also offers huge discounts with Caltex fuel. In comparison to others, the discounts of Landers members go up to PHP 10 per liter, which is huge. However, the discount for Landers members is not applicable at all Caltex stations nationwide. Instead, you have to visit the Caltex stations located within or beside the Landers Superstores.

The Landers and Caltex fuel discount might be big, but it can be quite a hassle for some. There are only five Caltex stations that offer Landers' membership discounts, and these are located in Balintawak, Otis, Cebu, Alabang West, and Arcovia. If you happen to live near these areas, great. But if not, it might be out of the way unless you’ll do the fuel run together with the groceries.

These are the fuel discounts you

Seaoil (PriceLOCQ)

Rather than outright discounts, Seaoil users can take advantage of the PriceLOCQ app. The mobile app allows customers to lock in current fuel prices and pay for them the next time they gas up. This is especially useful for those that still have a full tank and plan to refuel at a later date, where gas prices could become more expensive. According to the company, using PriceLOCQ will protect customers against price hikes.

In addition to securing current gas prices, the PriceLOCQ app also offers various discounts. One of Seaoil’s ongoing promos is the International Women’s Day sale which runs from March 8 to 10, 2022. As with most promos, you may visit the company’s website or social media sites to check which stations are participating.


These are just some of the fuel promos and discounts we know of. With prices expected to go up even further in the coming weeks, taking advantage of them will go a long way. Do you know of other fuel companies offering discounts similar to the ones above? Let us know, and help out fellow motorists through these very expensive times.