Here's a list of rules that can get your driver's license revoked

Viral road rage videos have always been a hot topic on social media. But, it was only recently that policymakers realized that action must be taken and this has resulted in a proposed law that will put heavy penalties against hot-headed drivers.

Without an Anti-Road Rage Law, existing laws only allow the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to penalize an erring driver with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This means that some drivers with anger management issues - like Wilfredo Gonzales - can get their driver’s license revoked, then reapply again after a few years – possibly repeating another road rage incident with a fellow driver, cyclist, or even a pedestrian.

That said, what actions can get your driver’s license revoked? We list down a few of the traffic violations that could land you in the “LTO jail”:

Road Rage

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This actually needs no explanation, especially after a series of viral videos that made the LTO press the alarm button. According to the LTO, drivers with anger management issues resulting in the exchange of expletives or even physical altercations with a fellow road user can be deemed as an “improper person to operate a motor vehicle.”

Additionally, these actions will be meted with a “reckless driving” violation. Since these hot-headed drivers will most likely block the flow of traffic by stopping in the middle of the road while cursing or confronting each other physically, the LTO will also penalize them with “obstruction to traffic.”

As per Joint Administrative Order (JAO) 2014-01 of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and LTO, a revoked non-professional driver’s license will be barred from being granted the privilege to drive a motor vehicle again for 2 years. If the driver with anger management issues possesses a professional driver’s license, it would be perpetual disqualification from being granted the privilege to drive a motor vehicle again.

Drunk Driving

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Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances is prohibited under Republic Act 10586. Aside from getting jail time and penalized for up to PHP 500,000 for driving under the influence, non-professional driver’s license holders get permanent revocation for the 2nd offense. For professional driver’s license holders, it’s a 1-strike policy for permanent revocation of driver’s license.

Driving a motor vehicle used in the commission of a crime

This is also pretty straightforward: driving a vehicle to commit a crime is not only a criminal offense but would also forfeit the driver from being granted the privilege to drive a motor vehicle for life.

JAO 2014-01 Sec. 1 B states “In addition, the driver’s license shall be confiscated, and upon conviction for the crime, revoked and the driver shall be perpetually disqualified from being granted a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle.”


In the last few weeks, both the Senate and Congress have called for the passage of a law that would put heavier fines on hot-headed drivers. House Bill 8991 filed by representatives Erwin Tulfo, Edvic Yap, Jocelyn Tulfo, Eric Yap, and Ralph Tulfo, wants jail time on top of fines of up to PHP 500,000 for drivers who engage in road rage. This proposed law also commands the LTO to automatically revoke the driver’s licenses of any individual who engages in road rage for up to 5 years.

Do you love driving your car but have anger management issues? Or do you love to party and then drive intoxicated? Well, better fix those issues or face the possibility of having your driver’s license revoked by the LTO.