Just before Formula 1 gets back from their three-week break, the sport’s governing body has unveiled their vision for their 2021 race cars. Shown here in 1:2 scale, the new cars promise more exciting racing, much like the past four races we’ve seen. 

Looking more streamlined than before, elements such as the side pods and the scoop for engine cooling are tucked in closer to the car’s body. Also, the rear wing appears much slimmer than the current cars on track today. Also seen here are more prominent ground effects on the 2021 scale model. 

But aside from the new aero package, the scale model being tested is sporting larger rims. Whereas current Formula 1 cars have 13-inch alloys, the new ones might come with 18-inchers. This is the first time in a long time Formula 1 cars will have a new wheel and tire configuration. There are even extra 'fins' on top of the tires for added downforce. 

One might ask, "why is Formula 1 doing this?" This major technical update is aimed to address the problem of wake turbulence, which actually makes side by side racing more difficult. Also known as 'dirty air', it causes instability to the vehicle that’s following behind and forces them to keep their distance from one another. With the aim of a more streamlined shape, these developments will, hopefully, address the issue of said 'dirty air'. 

That being said, the design of the scale model isn’t totally final just yet. Formula 1 chief technical officer said that the cars need a little bit more tweaks to the wing. However, it is possible that the rest of the car will look largely like the scale models being tested at the moment. 

The design of the cars will be finalized come October this year.