At the annual TX2K17 drag event, tuners and high powered vehicles from all over the country head over to Texas to see who is the fastest down the quarter mile. Aside from seeing who's car is faster, there are also teams at the event, trying to set world records. One such team is AMS Performance, who brought out their customer's Alpha G R35 Nissan GTR.

AMS Performance is no new contender to the quarter mile, as their shop has been previously credited for building the world's first street-legal 9,8, and 7-second GTR. At TX2K17 however, they were also able to clinch the first 6-second GTR record, with the Alpha G. Along with that, they were also able to become the world's first six-second street-legal all-wheel-drive machine.

Owned by drag racing enthusiast Gidi Chambi, the GTR was previously just an AMS Performance-modded vehicle. After a crash however, he decided to push things further during the rebuild, thus the Alpha G was born. Powering the Alpha G is a custom built VR38 Billet Version 2 engine block and two Garrett GTX turbos which stick out the front bumper.

Combined with AMS Performance tuning, the Alpha G produces 2,500 PS. Given how most performance shops at TX2K17 are pushing high power figures, there are no other details regarding the powertrain of the Alpha G GTR.

The power produced is enough for them to set a record 6.937 second run at 315 km/h. Aside from AMS Performance, other performance shops as well have their eye on the record. With AMS Performance raising the bar higher, expect other shops to follow suit in hopes of breaking the 6-second record.

Watch the record breaking six-second pass here.