Currently, Formula E is the only major racing series where competitors use an all-electric vehicle. With the market gradually shifting to electrification, it won't be long before other racing series such as JGTC and WTCC follow the shift as well. That said, Cupra, Seat's performance sub-brand, recently revealed the first images of the first ever electric touring car called the e-Racer.

The Cupra e-Racer's chassis appears to be based on the current Leon TCR touring car. Unlike the gasoline-powered race car, it sports a new redesigned aero and cooling system in order to suit the electric powertrain better.

Cupra reinvents the touring car with electric e-Racer

Under the hood, four electric motors together with a 65kWh lithium-ion battery pack replaces the 2.0-liter gasoline engine. Cupra stated that the battery and motor can continuously generate 402 PS, with peak power rated at 670 PS. In comparison, the Leon TCR only produces 350 PS. Furthermore, the e-Racer will also be rear-wheel, further distinguishing itself from its gasoline counterpart.

Aside from being the first fully electric touring car, it will also be used to showcase a new category called E TCR class. For now, no time frame or details have been released regarding the intergration of E TCR in international motorsports.

Do expect more information about E TCR and the Cupra e-Racer once the category and the electric touring car once the Geneva Auto Show begins.