One of the newest and most beautiful driving roads in Northern Luzon is Daang Kalikasan (translated to Nature’s Road) in Pangasinan. Daang Kalikasan became very popular with motorists in early 2020 and was flocked by tourists even before construction was officially complete. It was so popular that the local government even had to temporarily shut down the road due to a series of tragic accidents.

Two years have passed since then, and it looks like we'll be seeing the road again. But it won't exactly be in the way we were expecting. A few weeks from now, an official hill climb automobile time attack will be held along Daang Kalikasan next month.

Called the Renato Ferrer Cup Hill Climb Challenge (RFC HCC), it will take place on February 5 and 6. Before you ask, it is an event that will be supported by the local government unit of Mangatarem and Mayor Balong Ventenilla.

Daang Kalikasan will host a hill climb time attack image

According to the organizers, the hill climb race has been split into two days, giving more drivers time to run. The timed section will take place along a roughly 2.0 km long stretch of Daang Kalikasan. This will not be a wheel-to-wheel race; it will be a time attack, meaning cars run solo and in intervals.

Interested in joining? The registration for the time attack is now open for motorists with four-wheeled vehicles. There are various categories too – Production, Race, and Open Class. The classes are further divided into subcategories depending on the vehicle’s engine displacement and tires. No matter which class you’re competing in, however, all vehicles are required to have a fire extinguisher, working seat belts, and a properly secured battery. Meanwhile, all drivers are required to wear a helmet, while those in the Race and Open Class need to wear a racing suit for added protection.

To keep the event safe for everyone, participants will need to submit photos of their vaccination cards during registration. Police, rescuers, and LGU officials of Mangatarem will also be giving their full support of the event to ensure the hill climb will proceed smoothly and safely.

This won’t be the first official hill climb held at Daang Kalikasan. The same organizers previously held the Kalikasan Time Attack in January 2020 and, it was attended by 107 racers. They expect more will participate this time around.

Just a reminder, folks: no this is not a side-by-side grid race, okay? So, see? There really is a more organized and safer way to stretch our cars' legs on open roads. Organized, safe, and absolute scenic too, if you as the Hill Climb organizers.