It seems Fernando Alonso still has some unfinished business with Formula 1. Even after leaving the series in 2018, the two-time F1 world driver's champion, is said to be targeting a return to the sport in 2021. Moreso, the 38-year old Spaniard is confident he can even win the championship as long as he is in the right car.

According to F1 Racing who had an interview with the Spaniard, Alonso says he isn't done with F1 just yet. He also feels as if 2021 is a good opportunity to make a comeback to the series. As opposed to before, he is refreshed and ready. Considering the success he had experienced outside of F1 as compared to his last season, it's not surprising that he wants to challenge F1 again.

“I have so much self-confidence that I know I can take any car and if everything goes well, I should win. Driving is the only thing in life that I know I do well at,” Alonso told the magazine.

Following his departure from Formula 1, Alonso tried out other forms of motorsports including Indycar, World Endurance Championship winning the 2018/2019 season, and off-road racing in the form of the recently concluded Dakar Rally. Soon, we might see him racing in Formula 1 once more.

However, there is an issue with his planned return, and it's regarding who he will be driving for.

At the moment, Alonso's options are very limited for 2021. Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull already have a confirmed driver lineup up for the upcoming seasons. This leaves him with most of the midfielder teams such as Renault, Scuderia, Haas, Racing Point, and his old team, McLaren. However, it could also be a good thing as 2021 would bring new regulations and changes to Formula 1, leveling out the playing field. 

With Alonso likely coming back to F1 next year, do you guys think he could be champion once more? Or will, it be another sweep from Mercedes and Hamilton.

Source: F1 Racing, ESPN