Driver safety has always been a number one concern in motorsports, especially in Formula 1. In recent years, Formula 1 has stepped up its drive to futher increase driver safety with one of their concepts being a closed cockpit for F1 cars. The idea of a closed cockpit was pushed forward even more following the death of Jules Bianchi after sustaining injuries from his accident in Suzuka back in 2014, where in he colided with a recovery vehicle.

Since then, progress of the cockpit protection system has soon advanced faster than ever. The FIA initially unveiled the 'halo' but ran into opposition due to its design and concerns about driver visbility. At the upcoming British Grand Prix however, the FIA will be testing the more favored 'Shield' concept with the Ferrari team.

The 'Shield', is essentially a see-through screen that extends from the nose up to the headrest of the driver. It has been favored due to its looks and would not restrict driver visibility. Several different designs have been looked at, but the one featured on a Williams challenger has been officially released by the FIA.

A short test will be conducted during the first free practice session of the British Grand Prix, and is said to get initial feed back from the drivers themselves. It is also only then will we be able to get a first look of the actual 'Shield' design would look like. A full track-test will be conducted by the FIA in September at Monza.