Many of us have dreamt of designing and creating our very own race car. Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance of doing so. For starters, it takes a lot of skill and studying to build proper, functional race cars. Let’s not forget the funds needed to actually have it, too. 

Fortunately, Ford is giving the public the chance to design one of their upcoming race cars. You don’t even need to have an engineering or automotive design degree to do so, either. All you have to be is a gamer as the vehicle in question will be a virtual race car.

Ford has announced a new project called Team Fordzilla P1, the brand’s first virtual race car not to be based on an existing real‑world model. Instead, it will be designed fresh from the ground up and will be an extensive collaboration between gamers and vehicle designers. Ford of Europe Design will lead the project and will receive inputs from the brand’s Fordzilla e-sport team captains.

However, the studio also wants to reach out to the worldwide gaming community in order to come up with the vehicle’s design. As a result, you could have a say in what the Fordzilla P1’s final design will look like. Fordzilla plans to do so by floating ideas on Twitter and have gamers vote via polls. This includes everything from vehicle shape to the engine powering the virtual race car.

At the moment, there is no word what kind of vehicle the Fordzilla P1 will be. Considering it is a virtual model not based on anything, it could range from an open-wheel racer to a closed-cockpit LMP car. Whatever it will be, it’s cool to see that Ford wants to involve the gaming community in building their first-ever virtual racer.