Here's a good reason to stay at home today: the Michael Schumacher documentary film is finally streaming on Netflix.

Schumacher is arguably one of the most famous (and skilled) drivers in Formula 1 to date. However, the 7-time world champion has remained relatively private outside of the track. Even after his unfortunate skiing accident, there has been little to no new information about his condition. All we know from news reports is that he's still alive and is undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation. Through the new Netflix documentary, we get a better idea of how the GOAT of Formula 1 is outside of the track.

While there have been several documentaries about Schumacher in the past, this film is the only one made with the blessing of his family. In the documentary, you'll see interviews with Schumacher's wife Corina, his father Rolf, his brother Ralf, his daughter Gina-Maria, and his son who currently drives for Haas F1, Mick. There are also interviews with prominent F1 figures, including Sebastian Vettel, Mika Hakkinen, and Jean Todt to name a few.

GOAT: Netflix Schumacher documentary streaming today image

Aside from the interviews, the film documents Schumacher's rise to prominence, his career in F1, and more. Throughout his career, he claimed 7-world championships, 91 wins, 68 pole positions, 77 fastest laps, and 155 podium finishes. While some of these records have already been broken by Lewis Hamilton, it's still a feat nonetheless.

Possibly the best part about the documentary is that it gives a better update on Schumacher and his family following the tragic skiing accident in 2013.

We won't spoil much about the Schumacher film. But if you plan to binge it tonight, better ask for a leave tomorrow or let them know you might be late. Lucky for those working from home, though.