If you watched the German Grand Prix over the weekend, then you know that things didn't quite work out for Mercedes-AMG during race day. Hamilton spun out twice and got slapped by a penalty, while Bottas totaled his car less than ten laps from the finish.

At one point, Hamilton even said, “How has it gone this bad?” during the race. Well, we'll soon find out how it reached that point on Netflix pretty soon.

Netflix just filmed Mercedes-AMG with the pants down at the German GP image

We can see it all unfold in the second season of Formula 1: Drive to Survive once it's out on the streaming service. A crew from Netflix followed Mercedes-AMG all weekend, documenting their quick pace in practice and qualifying, right down to the moments that led to a race that the German team would wish to forget.

While it will look like Netflix didn't exactly capture Mercedes-AMG's finest moments, it might make for an interesting episode nonetheless. We've come to know the German team as unflappable in recent times, and dominant even in challenging conditions. But the race last weekend serves as a reminder that things can always go wrong, even for a championship caliber team. One could even say that making it look easy takes a lot of hard work.

Netflix just filmed Mercedes-AMG with the pants down at the German GP image

If it's any consolation for the team, the last time Mercedes-AMG had a disaster of a race was back in 2017 when Hamilton and Rosberg collided with each other. Coincidentally, it was Max Verstappen who won that race, who also won just last weekend.

But it's not just Mercedes' story we'll see on Netflix. All ten teams signed up to be on board for the second season of Drive to Survive, so we'll see almost everyone's point of view of this year's German Grand Prix, from drivers to team principals. With all the action that's been going in this season, we're definitely looking forward to the 2019 edition of the series.