Remember the new off-road park and campsite in Rizal that we talked about last week? Called Rizal International Offroad Track (RIOT), it is a good place to test out your rugged rigs or if you want to dip your shoes (and tires) into the off-roading and overlanding scene. You can also head there to practice for a competition that will take place next month – the King of RIOT 2021.

The King of RIOT event is scheduled to take place from November 27 to 30, 2021. According to the organizers, it's “4-days of extreme 4x4 racing consisting of mixed natural special stages and man-made racetracks”. The winner won't just have bragging rights and claim the title King of RIOT either; there are several cash prizes to be won, up to PHP 200,000.

For those interested in competing, there are two classifications that you can join depending on your vehicle – King of RIOT and RIOT Warrior.

Put your rig to the extreme test at King of RIOT 2021 image

The King of RIOT or the Extreme Open Pro Class is for competitors with extreme off-roaders. Per the classifications, vehicles with fully modified bodies and frames are allowed to compete. There are no restrictions on engines or winches, and portal axles are allowed. Even buggies can join but should have complete body panels. Other notable requirements for the King of RIOT class include a maximum tire size of 42 inches, functional headlights, windshield wipers and washers, and a full roll cage (whether interior or exterior).

King of RIOT category too extreme for you? There's the more beginner-friendly RIOT Warrior class. Here, vehicles must be 60-75% original body and have complete body panels, windows, and full doors. Tire sizes are also limited to 37 inches, and portal axles are not allowed. Roll cages are allowed but are not required for the RIOT Warrior class.

Interested? You may message the RIOT Facebook page to inquire. It's not free to join, though. Competitors will have to pay a PHP 10,000 entrance fee, and the deadline for registration is November 20, 2021.