Daniel Ricciardo's woes during the 2016 Formula 1 Monaco GP was a mixture of miscommunication and lack of coordination. He won pole position during qualifying, allowing him to lead the pack during race day. Unfortunately, when the time arrived to switch from intermediate tires to slicks, the pit crew was not yet ready to switch the tires during lap 32.

According to Red Bull Racing (RBR) boss Christian Horner, the crew thought that they were going to able to get the soft tires (in yellow) ready just before Ricciardo arrived at the pit lane. But when the request came down to switch to supersoft tires (in purple), those tires were still at the back of the garage.

“They couldn't get to the car in time, which cost probably about 10 seconds in the stop. But even despite that delay, they came out alongside each other, showing how quick Daniel's in lap had been and how slow Lewis' out-lap had been. So it was gutting for the whole team to lose a victory like that,” said Horner.

In the end, the team could not do anything, other than apologize to Ricciardo due to the pit stop blunder that resulted in his second place win.

“As a team we win together and we lose together, and all we can do is apologize to Daniel that we haven't given him a good enough service today, having done a great job with him yesterday to get the pole,” said Horner.

Despite the setback, Ricciardo was able to jump to third place in the 2016 Driver Standings with 66 points. At second and first place are Mercedes-AMG teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg who currently have 82 points and 106 points respectively.