Will the number 13 be lucky for Red Bull Racing? The Austrian outfit is one of the eagerly anticipated reveals for the 2017 season. The team has dominated in the previous seasons of Formula 1 courtesy of previous regulation changes earning them 4 driver and constructor championships.

Their 2017 challenger, dubbed the RB-13, was unveiled online last Sunday unlike other large teams which had a formal launch. Much like the other Formula 1 car of the season, the RB-13 features the new shark-fin rear and a thumb nose tip. 

Other details regarding the RB-13 features serrated rear wing, a more aggressive front aero with canards. The flat floor incorporates ducting towards the rear tires as well. Because of the nature of the reveal video, not much else can be seen regarding details of the RB-13. However, the new design does give off a more sleek and aggressive look as per driver Daniel Riccardo.

Last year, Red Bull finished 2nd in the constructor championship and had two race wins. To try and improve on their standing, further development on their Renault powerplant is being made as well. The team also retain drivers Daniel Riccardo and Max Verstappen for the 2017 season.