Aston Martin's plan to compete in Formula 1 is apparently put on hold until January. The exact reason for the delay was not specified though Simon Sproule, company director of marketing and communications, stated that the matter is still in discussion.

“We have not made any decision. And we are not likely to make any final decision about either F1 or the broader motor sport strategy until the New Year,” said Sproule.

He added that they have to figure out their plan in sportscar racing and where do they go with it.

Previously, we reported that a partnership was brewing between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing. It even came to a point where the two companies were co-developing a road-going hypercar. This never came to fruition and the partnership between the two faltered.

Force India, however, is open to the idea of having Aston Martin. Team boss Vijay Mallya even admitted that a deal with a premium brand like Aston Martin will give Force India an extra boost.

Negotiations between the two are not final yet and the deal has yet to be greenlighted by the automaker.