It appears that the late Juan Manuel Fangio, the five-time Formula One champion, has two sons.

DNA testing confirmed that 77-year old Oscar Cesar Espinoza is the son of Juan Manual Fangio. Last Wednesday, Judge Rodrigo Catalo of Mar del Plata, Argentina, announced that Espinoza is in fact the biological son of Fangio. This further cements that Andrea Berruet, Espinoza's mother, had close relations with the racing driver.

But there is another, a man by the name of Ruben Vazquez was also confirmed of being another offspring of Fangio. His mother, Catalina Basili, confessed in 2005 that he was the result of a relationship that she had with Fangio during the 1940s.

Last July, a judge allowed Fangio's remains to be exhumed after Espinoza claimed that he is the son of the five-time Formula 1 world champion. Fangio never married or recognized any offspring when he was alive. It was a well-known fact however that he had a relationship with Andrea Berruet, Espinoza's mother.

Vazquez's case is expected to be resolved in the next few days.