The 2017 season of Formula 1 is coming to a close and Red Bull Racing (RBR) is adamant in keeping their ace drivers for another two years. In a report by, the racing team wants to extend Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen's contracts until 2020.

However, Ricciardo has been previously linked with both Mercedes and Ferrari for quite awhile now. Why? According to RBR team principal Christian Horner, the 28-year old Australian will be out of his contract by the end of 2018 as he will have completed his five-year contract with RBR.

“But what is absolutely clear is that it's our intention to retain both of our drivers, I would say until 2020,” said Horner.

In the event that Ricciardo does jump ship and go to another racing team, RBR can recall Carlos Sainz from Renault as he is 'on loan' with the French.

Ultimately however, Horner wants both Verstappen and Ricciardo to remain with Red Bull as both drivers enjoy being in the team.

“But the absolute intention is we want Ricciardo and Verstappen in Red BullRacing cars going forward. They both enjoy being in the team. I think the difference with Daniel is for the first time in his career at Red Bull, he's got an end in sight to his contract,” added Horner.