Red Bull Racing's (RBR) Danill Kyvat is in hot water after his superiors stated their displeasure over his actions that resulted in the team not gaining championship points at the 2016 F1 Russian Grand Prix.

It all started when Kyvat rear-ended Ferrari driver Sebastien Vettel twice during the early part of the race. The first incident resulted in Vettel colliding with Kyvat's teammate, Daniel Ricciardo. It was in Turn 3 where things got messed up after Kyvat struck Vettel for the second time. The Ferrari driver spun out and had to retire from the race while Kyvat went to the pits to have the car's nose replaced.

Kyvat was then slapped with a 10 second stop/go penalty, ultimately putting him at the back of pack. The Russian racing driver finished the race at 15th place. Fellow teammate Ricciardo fared better but only managed to secure an 11th place finish.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing's motorsport advisor stated that Kyvat's actions were not acceptable.

Danill Kyvat during the 2016 F1 Russian Grand Prix

“Let's put it this way: Kvyat was over-motivated. Braking too late once and hitting another car would be acceptable in front of his home crowd, but this doesn't apply for the second crash. It's a pity because he did not only ruin Vettel's race and Ricciardo's race, but also his own race. He had to do an extra stop. It was a day of disaster for Red Bull,” said Marko.

Marko, along with Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner, will be summoning Kyvat for talks about the disastrous race that transpired at the Sochi Autodrom. The conversation however will take place in the coming days as emotions are still running high after the Russian Grand Prix.

As for Vettel, Marko is confident that the rife between Kyvat and Vettel will not get out of hand.

“I think Sebastian is hard wired to know that revenge doesn't do him any good. He has to concentrate on getting good starts and bringing the car home in one piece. That's why I think this won't be an issue,” added Marko.