Nico Rosberg was able to redeem himself from last week's sour race in Austin, Texas after the German racing driver was victorious in securing his fourth win of the season at the 2015 Gran Premio de Mexico.

Completing the race ahead of teammate and 2015 Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton by 1.9 seconds, Rosberg led the pack throughout the 71 laps and was able to keep the competition at bay. The pair were trading fastest lap times, with Rosberg being able to edge out the Briton.

Both of them then headed to the pits for a change to medium tires mid-race. Rosberg changed his set during lap 46 while Hamilton was ordered to switch tires a lap later. This didn't sit well with the Briton but he obeyed nonetheless. Mercedes-AMG F1 cited the strategy for safety reasons.

The 2015 Formula One Mexican GP

“That was the best podium of my life! Thousands and thousands of people singing your name after winning on a great track... it’s unbelievable! In that moment you feel like a rock star on stage and I enjoyed every second. Thank you so much to all the Mexican fans who made my win here so special.” said Rosberg.

Further down the grid, it was pandemonium as the race was also hounded by several collisions, tire punctures and spin outs.

Ferrari took a double DNF (a first since 2006) after both Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastien Vettel suffered heavily on the track. The 'Iceman' was doing well early in the race as he originally stared in 19th place and was able to climb up to 6th place on lap 22. Raikkonen attempted to pass Willams' Bottas in Turn 5 but the two collided, with the Finn bouncing off into run-off area, damaging his rear suspension. Bottas however competed the race and was able to land a 3rd place win.

Vettel on the other hand had to contend with tire punctures early in the race after colliding with Daniel Ricciardo. After acquiring a fresh set of medium tires, he proceeded to get back on the main grid. His good progress was however thwarted after spinning out on lap 18 at Turn 8. The spin-out resulted with Vettel flat-spotting his tires.

Lap 35 was also not a good one for Vettel who had to change to medium tires again and was told to let Hamilton pass, even though Vettel protested that he was faster than the Briton. It was at lap 52 where Vettel ultimately retired from the race after spinning out and slamming onto the barrier.

Nico Rosberg and his 2015 F1 Mexican Grand Prix sombrero

In the end, Red Bull Racing teammates Danill Kyvat and Daniel Ricciardo finished 4th and 5th place respectively while Williams' Felipe Massa and Force India's Nico Hulkenberg settled for 6th and 7th accordingly.

Rounding off the top ten drivers were Sergio Perez of Force India, Max Verstappen of Toro Rosso and Romain Grosjean of Lotus.

Asides from the two Ferrari drivers retiring from the race, Felipe Nasr of Sauber and McLaren-Honda's Fernando Alonso also did not finish the race. Nasr suffered brake problems on lap 52 while Alonso's car had power failure in the opening lap, resulting in his early retirement from Mexican GP.

Lewis Hamilton is still at the top with 345 points overall while bouncing back to 2nd is Nico Rosberg with 272 points. Vettel is now at third with 251 points.