Following yesterday’s announcement of Liberty Media’s completion of their acquisition of F1, one of Chase Carey’s first moves as CEO is to appoint Ross Brawn as Managing Director for motorsports. Brawn’s unprecedented technical expertise about the sport will further aid Liberty Media with regards to handling the motorsport end of Formula One.

Having since acted as advisor to Liberty Media, Brawn has now been appointed a full-time position with the group. Joining him on the management end is Sean Bratches, who will take on a similar role to Brawn except on the commercial front of the sport.

“I’ve enjoyed consulting with Liberty Media these last few months and I’m looking forward to working with Chase, Sean and the rest of the Formula 1 team to help the evolution of the sport. We have an almost unprecedented opportunity to work together with the teams and promoters for a better F1 for them and, most importantly, for the fans.” Said Brawn.

Carey adds: “I am delighted to welcome Ross back to Formula 1. In his 40 years in the sport, he’s brought his magic touch to every team with which he has worked, has almost unparalleled technical knowledge, experience and relationships, and I have already benefitted greatly from his advice and expertise.”