Last week, Honda pulled the covers off some cool modified CR-Vs. Tricked-out for weekend warriors and serious off-roaders, the CR-V Hybrid Do and CR-V Dream builds show the automaker's fun side when it comes to dressing up and upgrading their factory models.

However, those two CR-Vs were just the tip of the iceberg. That's because Honda was also busy modifying a Civic Si. This is no ordinary build as the automaker transformed a two-door Civic Si into a 900 horsepower Formula Drift car. But how were they able to make it into a drift car if it's front-wheel drive in the first place?

Honda, along with Jeanneret Racing and Olson Kustom Works, turned the Si into a rear-wheel drive coupe. This was made possible by re-orienting the K24 engine to send power the rear axle. Not only that, they also tuned the engine to produce over 900 horsepower in order for it to go one-on-one with other Formula drift cars.

Honda Civic Si drift image

Honda did not exactly state what changes they made, but we're guessing they had to give it larger turbos, as well as upgraded and stronger internals to handle all that power. To shave off speed quicker, the Civic is equipped with more powerful Wilwood brakes.

Aside from giving it a more powerful motor and making it rear-wheel drive, Honda also tricked-out the Civic Si's exterior. It has a new chin spoiler up front, flared wheel arches and side skirts, lowered ride height, bigger alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile tires, a new rear bumper, as well as a sporty rear wing. The cabin, on the other hand, has been stripped of any weight and now comes with a roll cage, Sparco steering wheel and bucket seats.

Honda may be known as the makers of front-wheel, fuel efficient cars, this unique build shows Honda has motorsport embedded in their DNA, from Formula 1 to rallycross, and now, drifting. Let's just hope that Honda makes a rear-wheel drive car soon. An S2000 for the 2020's perhaps? Now that would be awesome.