Haven’t played Gran Turismo in a while? Better dust off the game, your PlayStation, and all other equipment you have, and start practicing. Toyota has announced that there will be a new event coming soon to Gran Turismo Sport – the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup 2021. Unlike before, you won’t just be using the GR Supra this time around. Instead, you’ll be driving some of the GR models to date. Included in that list is the all-new GR 86, but more on that later.

Similar to the GR Supra GT Cup held by Toyota Motor Philippines last year, the new TGR GT Cup is a series where the best e-sport drivers can go head to head and see who’s the fastest. The biggest difference is this time it’s on a global scale. The series will run from April 2021 until December 2021.

There will be a total of seven qualifying rounds that will take place from April to August. The top 24 drivers from various regions will then compete in the final round scheduled for December. The final round will be held online and will be a sanctioned race by the FIA. Out of the 24 drivers, 9 drivers will come from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; 3 from North America; 3 from South and Central America; 4 from Asia; and 1 from Oceania. The remaining four will be drivers selected from TGR’s regional finals.

What cars and courses will be used? Competitors will drive at eight different tracks using various Toyota models – from the new GR 86 to the 2000GT and even Toyota’s Super Formula racer. And yes, the GR 86 will be available to all GT Sport players very soon.

Not familiar with how some of the cars handle? Well, time to practice now. You still have a few weeks before the first round starts on April 25. The car will be the GR Supra, and the course is Laguna Seca. Hopefully, this time around a Filipino can properly represent the country without issues with the PlayStation Network.