Ever wished for an event where you can go racing then party have a party right after to blow the stress from the race away? Well, this coming June 10 the Philippines will be holding the first ever race and music festival at the Batangas Racing Circuit, the Triple 8 Cup. The event is said to bring a never ending adrenaline rush from the start of the race events until the end beat of the music.

Those interested in testing their car out at the quarter mile can join the drag racing event for Php 3,000. Paddock rentals are also also available for Php 2,500. For those who would rather display their ride, the festival is also hosting a car show with a registration fee of Php 1,500.

Triple 8 Cup, Philippines' first race and music festival all set for June 10

As we all know, motorsports is a dangerous sport, and with that there are minimum safety requirements for those joining the drag race. Helmet, working seatbelts, closed-toe shoes and long pants would be the bare minimum, open toe footwear and shorts are not allowed. Pro-racers may also need to bring their racing suits.

For more information regarding the Triple 8 Cup, do send the organizers a message through their Facebook event page.