As the country adjusts to the new normal amid the ongoing pandemic, some have opted to shift to online means in doing business. Whether's it's working from home, managing a business remotely, or reporting for an online meeting, the global pandemic has essentially changed the way people live, communicate, and work.

Tuason Racing has opted to shift towards virtual racing amid the new normal. By launching a motorsports event in the virtual world, athletes and enthusiasts alike can duke it out online without having the risks of catching or spreading the disease.

“There has been a continuous surge for online games during the lockdown. More and more people are doing games since there are limited live activities to do. In the US all gaming stocks are on a high, showing that this is really the future,” said JP Tuason, founder, and CEO of Tuason Racing.

Tuason Racing brings local motorsports to the virtual world image

With sim racing/esports still in its infancy in the country, Tuason Racing plans to lead the way in providing a professional league for players to practice and enhance their skills on the track with the use of online platforms.

This coming August, Tuason Racing will be launching another online league for the PC platform along with a complimentary spectators program where they can make their own teams and win prizes. The company is also busy helping organize Toyota Motor Philippines' GR Supra GT Cup which is currently ongoing. In the future, Tuason Racing will also be pioneering its new normal racing events that will feature contactless racing both on- and off-track.

As the country adjusts to the new normal, Tuason remains positive that the automotive industry will soon recover and learn new things that can be applied in the future.

“It will recover as mentioned. Companies are evolving. It won’t be called car companies but mobility companies…they will surely find new ways. There will be some casualties but life goes on and those that will survive will thrive but probably not the same way we have seen in the past,” added Tuason.

The race tracks may be empty right now, but at least Tuason Racing is making efforts to make motorsports events possible via esports and other online means.