Later this year, Porsche will be making their FIA Formula E series debut at the start of Season 6 (2019-2020). With the upcoming season closing in, the German marque has been putting in the time to ensure that their Formula E challenger, engineers, and drivers are ready to make a strong entry into the electric, open-wheel series.

Porsche work’s driver Neel Jani completed the first kilometers of testing in the Formula E car last March at the automaker’s testing ground in Weissach. Since then, the engineers have used the findings to further develop and improve the electric powertrain. More recently, Jani, together with development driver Brendon Hartley, have taken turns driving the Formula E car during an extensive test program at Circuit Calafat in Spain. The two managed to cover more than 1,000 km with Formula E car during the three-day stint.

Porsche is ready to dominate in Formula E image

“It is hugely important to get as many kilometers as possible under our belt during the test phase for our Formula E race car and, in doing so, to gain valuable experience – particularly from a technical point of view. I am now looking forward to working with the team over the coming months, as we strive to get the very best out of the Porsche Formula E race car,” said Jani.

Expect to see Porsche and their Formula E car to complete more intensive tests in the coming months as they prepare for the first race of Season 6. Currently, the team is working to further develop the Porsche powertrain in order to make their car competitive against other teams with more experience in the series.

Season 6 of Formula E is scheduled to begin in December of 2019. As of writing, the official race calendar for the following season has not been announced as Season 5 is still currently on-going.