We all know Ferrari has a long-standing tradition of building race cars you can buy, provided you have deep pockets. However, their latest track-only special is one you can't own, even if you buy it. That model is the 488 GT Modificata.

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Granted, this isn't the first Ferrari you can purchase but not park in your garage. There was the FXX, which you can only use during track days and store in Ferrari's factory. The 488 Modificata is similar to that, as the Italian automaker says you can only drive it on the race track and Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events. So, what makes this car so special that you can't even bring it home?

Based on the 488 GTE, you can think of this car as an unlimited-class racer. Normally, racing Ferraris are restricted by rules and regulations by a series. The Modificata is no longer limited by the FIA Balance of Performance, meaning you get the maximum potential of its engine, as well as some of its trick aerodynamics courtesy of Ferrari's engineers.

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With that, the 488 GTE's 4.0-liter V8 is no longer capped at 600 PS. The engine now makes over 700 PS, over 100 more than the race car. Not only that, it has unique engine management and transmission settings. It even has customizable gear settings, as well as a carbon-fiber clutch.

The car also has a unique front end as part of the enhanced aerodynamics. Ferrari claims the aero package is different from the race car, offering more downforce than the ones being driven in competition. As a result, the Modificata has over 1,000 kg of downforce at speeds over 230 km/h.

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So, what else does this car have to offer? It has the same suspension as the GTE race car, along with stronger brakes courtesy of Brembo. The 488 GT Modificata includes a V-Box acquisition system that stores data after a drive. Also, a high-resolution rear-view camera, second seat, and TPMS system for measuring tire temperature and pressure all come as standard.

The price? Well, you'll have to ask Ferrari about that, and we're probably looking at about $500,000 (approximately PHP 24,000,000) for one of these. That's a lot of cash for a car you can't even park on your driveway. But if you're one of the lucky few who can afford it, you'll be part of a very exclusive club and even part of racing series hosted by Ferrari.