Prices of Formula 1 Grand Prix tickets are not cheap. This is especially true if you pick the good seats for three-days straight. Factor in your airfare, hotel, and other expenses, and you can easily shell out around five-digits worth or more. Though it’s pricey, most fans can still manage it. But, if you want to watch the Vietnam F1 Grand Prix, you’ll have to shell out a million at the very least.

Yes, you have to be a millionaire in order to watch the inaugural Vietnam Formula One Grand Prix. Shocked about the price? Well, if you’re wondering, the currency is not in US Dollars or Philippine Pesos. Instead, it’s in Vietnam Dong.

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For a three-day general admission ticket, the price starts at VND 1.75 million, which converted to PhP is just 3,850. Considering it is an F1 Grand Prix, it is pretty cheap. If you want a seat for all three-days though, the Turn 10.5 Grand Stand starts at VND 3.88 million (PhP 8,500), and goes up to VND 9.09 (PhP 20,000).

Not all tickets require millionaire status though. For a general admission (GA) ticket, you can pay just VND 700000 (PHP 1,543), but that means you won't have a seat.

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But if you really to hang out with the big boys, there’s the three-day Gold Lounge pass which is priced at VND 49.33 million (PhP 109,000). One step above the Gold Lounge is the Platinum CC which puts you right on the starting grid and turns 1-2-3. A Platinum CC ticket starts at VND 79.33 million (PhP 175,000).

If both the Gold and Platinum are too basic for you. Then there’s also the Diamond Suite which costs VND 96.5 million (PHP 212,000). Undoubtedly this would be the most luxurious place to be in on the race track, and you’ll have the amenities to go along with it. A ticket for the real millionaires.

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If you want to purchase a ticket for the 2020 Vietnam Grand Prix, you may do so here.