Pump up your car washing experience

Washing cars is a rather repetitive process especially for a car wash or detailer. German car care company Sonax tries to 'pump up' the car washing process or experience with its 'Energy' scented Active Cleaning Foam. It promises a powerful, dirt-dissolving and phosphate-free product that virtually awakens your senses thanks to its scent inspired by a popular red animal energy drink.

This is a first 'professional' product review for us since we’ve been trying out consumer products for the past couple of years since we started. For starters, the product can actually be used for automatic car wash facilities (the ones where you drive thru), pressurized foaming machines or manual foam in the bucket washing for small batch washing.

We try to experience the product ourselves with the small batch washing process to get ourselves 'pumped up'.

Daily driven Rav-4

We get a bucket of clean water and mix in 20 ml of the Active Cleaning Foam Energy concentrate. Hose in a bit more water to 'foam it up' further, and let that energy drink scent liven our senses. We proceeded to dip in the sponge and wash away.

Rav-4 wash 1

We tried the wash on a relatively 'normal' car that's been driven around for a week. It was a bit dusty and dirty, so we put the cleaning foam to the task. We scrubbed away from the horizontal portions down to the verticals.  Letting the product soak in some of the more 'soiled’ portions a bit, most of it seemed to have been lifted off by the foam while tougher stains required a bit more attention.

Rav-4 wash 2

After applying the foam on the whole car, it was time to rinse and see how the product actually worked. We hosed off the entire car and watched all the dirt wash off the car and appreciate it in its rather 'pristine’ white finish. Still seemingly energetic, I actually looked forward to the next car to wash.

Rav-4 after

As a professional product, it comes in 10 liters plastic canisters; this will indeed liven up your car wash crew as they go about their repetitive grind. Visit http://sonax-px.com for more info.