While the rest of the world is looking towards hybrid and EV technology, Isuzu still believes in the pulling power of diesel propulsion. So much so that they have decided now was the right time to reveal a new and improved Elf (also known as the N Series).

That's right, Isuzu Japan has just introduced the 2019 Elf. Equipped with a new heart, along with a plethora of new technologies, the upgraded hauler is more powerful, more efficient and smarter.

Isuzu has launched the smarter, more powerful 2019 Elf image

Powering the 2019 Elf is a new turbo-diesel engine. Dubbed the '4JZ1', it's part of Isuzu's next-generation of D-Core diesel engines. Like the revered 4JJ1 series, the new engine displaces 3.0-liters and is available in two states of tune; the 4JZ1-TCS and the 4JZ1-TCH. The former produces 150 PS at 2800 rpm with 375 Nm at 1280 – 2800 rpm while the latter generates 175 PS at 2860 rpm with 430 Nm at 1450 – 2860 rpm. The engine can then be mated to either a manual or automatic transmission.

Besides giving the Elf a more powerful engine, Isuzu was also busy making it cleaner and more efficient than its predecessors. Thanks to new diesel particulate technology and urea catalytic reduction, Isuzu claims that harmful chemicals such as nitrogen oxides are decomposed into harmless water and nitrogen. This allows the engine to meet strict emission regulations for diesel engines.

Isuzu has launched the smarter, more powerful 2019 Elf image

To save on fuel, the Elf now has an auto start-stop feature which cuts power to the engine whenever the vehicle is at a standstill. It also comes with 'start-assist' which raises the engine's idling speed. This helps for smoother starts when going uphill or while fully laden with cargo according to Isuzu. Finally, there's also an 'Econo' mode that helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions by limiting the amount of fuel and acceleration input.

Like its predecessor, the 2019 Elf will be available in a variety of body styles. From the simple cab & chassis to the flexible dropside and flatbed, to the full box van and dump truck versions, the new Elf can serve a wide array of jobs and services.

Isuzu has launched the smarter, more powerful 2019 Elf image

A wide selection of smart safety features has also been made available for the upgraded Elf. Thanks to a set of cameras, as well as some radar-based systems, the Elf can now come with the following: pre-collision braking, lane-departure warning, electronic stability control, and even a 3D surround multi-view camera system. Other features such as anti-lock brakes, hill-start assist, and dual SRS airbags are also standard equipment on the Elf.

With its home market being the first to receive the all-new Elf, it may be quite sometime before Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) will get their hands on the upgraded N-Series of trucks.