Available in 15, 18 and 19.5 feet variants

If you're looking for a tough, reliable, and durable mover with a huge payload capacity to keep your business going at maximum productivity, then look no further.

The 2023 Hyundai HD78 GT is here.

2023 Hyundai HD78 GT is ready to haul your business image

With a 7,800 kg GVW and volume capacity of up to 7 cubic meters, the new HD78 GT can take on a variety of heavy-haul equipment and industrial material. Its new wheelbase guarantees load space of up to 15 feet for the medium wheelbase (MWB) variant, 18 feet for the long wheelbase (LWB), and 19.5 feet for the extra-long wheelbase (ELWB).

In addition, unlike other truck models, the new HD78 GT has a Power take-off function, which can power up auxiliary equipment like a hydraulic pump, generator, air compressor, pneumatic blower, or vacuum pump, which comes in handy at any work site.

2023 Hyundai HD78 GT is ready to haul your business image

Inside, the new HD78 GT has comfortable and adjustable ergonomic seats in a generous cab space, which are a definite plus especially in long-haul trips. The truck has standard air-conditioning, while there are ample storage areas to keep travel essentials like water bottles, maps, and hand sanitizers organized within easy reach.

2023 Hyundai HD78 GT is ready to haul your business image

The new HD78 GT is powered by a 2.9-liter turbocharged CRDi diesel engine which puts out 160 PS and 392 Nm of torque, delivering the exact power and torque you need for hauling, long-distance travel, or uphill driving with cargo in tow.

In terms of safety, the HD78 GT boasts a high-strength steel cab and frame that are rust-proof and designed to protect the driver and passenger by dissipating the impact in the event of a crash. Also, it has Anti-Collision Door Beams which keep your cargo protected while on the road.

2023 Hyundai HD78 GT is ready to haul your business image

Meanwhile, The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is one of the newest standard additions to Hyundai’s HD series. ABS helps the driver apply ample brake force while maintaining directional control of the vehicle, especially when navigating slippery roads.

The new HD78 GT is now available at your nearest authorized Hyundai Trucks and Buses dealership. All HD78 GT variants come with Hyundai's 3-year, 200,000 km warranty.