Yutong T5 Light Truck has 370 km of range

Yutong's all-electric light truck is ready to serve its duty in the Philippine market.

In partnership with Man Automotive Concessionaires Corporation (MACC), Yutong has launched the new T5 Light Truck – their newest offering for the green commercial vehicle industry.

2024 Yutong T5 EV Light Truck now in PH image

Size-wise, the T5 Light Truck measures 5995 mm long, 2140 mm wide and 3130 mm tall. In terms of its cargo box, it measures 4200 mm long, 2100 mm wide, and 2100mm long.

2024 Yutong T5 EV Light Truck now in PH image

As a fully electric light truck, the Yutong T5's electric motor is paired with a liquid-cooled 100 kWh battery. Under the CHTC, the Yutong T5 can have a maximum range of 370 kilometers on one full charge. Its efficient fast charging technology also allows it to top up its batteries in just 1.1 hours.

Yutong also says the vehicle's core three electrical system protection level is IP68 and IP6K9K-rated. This means the battery, motor, and electronic control can still work normally even when submerged in 1-meter-deep water for up to 24 hours.

2024 Yutong T5 EV Light Truck now in PH image

In terms of advanced safety, the Yutong T5 has features like Downhill Assist, Emergency Anti Pedal Misoperation, and Traction Control System. For its advanced driving assists, the Yutong T5 has a Low Speed Crawling function, Intelligent Acceleration Control, a 360-degree panoramic view camera, and Composite Braking System.

The Yutong T5 also has provision for connected commercial vehicle services, as it has a vehicle internet management platform for live fleet monitoring.

The 2024 Yutong T5 EV Light Truck sells for PHP 5,000,000.