Class 2 vehicles can now use Skyway once more following upgraded roadworks

Back in February 2020, San Miguel Corporation announced that Skyway will be a no-bus zone. This meant that only Class 1 vehicles will be allowed to enter the elevated expressway. Meanwhile, Class 2 vehicles such as buses and delivery vans were only permitted to use the at-grade sections.

This was done in order to smoothen traffic flow along as Skyway O&M Corporation was busy extending and upgrading the elevated expressway. However, this has resulted in several buses and delivery services making changes to their routes.

Buses allowed to enter Skyway again starting April 1 image

Two years after the ban, SMC has announced that buses and closed delivery vans/trucks can once again enter Skyway. This was confirmed by Skyway O&M Corporation which announced that following the completion of major construction works, all Class 2 vehicles – primarily buses and closed vans exceeding 7 feet in height – will be allowed to enter the elevated expressway starting in April 1, 2022.

As mentioned earlier, these types of vehicles were temporarily restricted from using the Skyway for safety reasons. During the construction of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) elevated extension in Muntinlupa, they required the use of a temporary steel access ramp at the Alabang viaduct. The steel ramp, which was in use for around two years, was only intended for light vehicles.

Thanks to restrictions being lifted, buses can now enter and pass through the Skyway elevated sections spanning from Alabang to Bicutan (Stage 2), Bicutan to Buendia (Stage 1), and Buendia to Balintawak (Stage 3). They can also access the new SLEX elevated extension and NAIA Expressway (NAIAX).

Buses allowed to enter Skyway again starting April 1 image

“With the re-opening of the Skyway to public buses and select transport trucks, we’re hopeful that many of our countrymen from both north and south can benefit from the convenience provided by the entire Skyway system. This is an option for commuters as well as public transport services, who would like to have a faster, more direct, or even point-to-point access to their destinations. This will also help to further decongest our public roads, given that we are now back to pre-pandemic levels of traffic,” said Ramon S. Ang, president of SMC.

In participation of the Skyway's reopening to public buses, careful and extensive planning is being done to ensure the preparedness of Skyway plazas, toll booths, patrols, and SOMCO staff, prior to its implementation. In addition, strict rules will be imposed to maintain smooth traffic flow and ensure the safety of all Skyway motorists.

Buses allowed to enter Skyway again starting April 1 image

Listed below are the guidelines for the vehicles to ensure smooth and safe travel across Skyway.

• Dedicated lanes for Class-2 vehicles will be provided in the following locations, to avoid long queues in the toll plazas:

- Quezon Avenue NB/SB

- Main Plaza Sucat Area

- Quirino NB/SB Exit

- Dr. A. Santos

- Dona Soledad

- Buendia NB/SB

- Del Monte NB/SB

- G. Araneta NB Entry

- Nagtahan NB/SB


• To avoid any untoward incidents involving Class 2 vehicles, modified 4 or 6-wheeler and closed delivery vans are not allowed on the elevated ramps

• Speed limit of 60 km/h will be strictly enforced

• Class-2 vehicles should ensure that their Autosweep RFID has enough balance

• Only buses and closed vans with sufficient Autosweep RFID balance can be accommodated at Skyway

• Vehicles with insufficient load are asked to use the at-grade section.

If you're heading out of town next month or during Holy Week via the elevated expressway, don't be surprised to see buses and closed delivery vans traveling alongside you in Skyway. As for the rates for Class 2 vehicles, you can check them out here.