New Manila notice bars MTPB from collecting pass-through fees

The City of Manila is the first city in the National Capital Region (NCR) to formally discontinue the collection of pass-through fees in accordance with Executive Order 41 of President, Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos, Jr.

City of Manila issues notice suspending pass-through fees image

“Effective immediately, the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau, hereby suspends and discontinue the collection of Pass-Through Fees (Travel Permit Fees), that are imposed upon all motor vehicles transporting goods and passing through any public roads constructed and funded by the City of Manila,” said on the notice signed by MTPB Officer-in-Charge, Zenaida Viaje.

According to sources, merchant vehicles/trucks coming to and from the Port of Manila, or just passing through the city, are required to pay PHP 2,500.00 per month/ vehicle to satisfy Manila’s pass-through fees. This means that an additional PHP 30,000.00/year/vehicle is paid by the logistics industry to the City of Manila for pass-through fees alone, which will then be passed on to consumers.