Jointly-developed Giga Fuel Cell by Isuzu and Honda to make public debut next month

Remember when Honda & Isuzu announced that they would be partnering up to develop fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks? Well, the wait is over. Isuzu Motors Limited will be at this year’s Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show) and will reveal the Giga Fuel Cell concept for the first time and will highlight the respective technologies and expertise of both Isuzu and Honda.

Hydrogen-powered Isuzu Giga Fuel Cell to debut at JMS 2023 image

Jointly developed by the two Japanese automakers, Isuzu provided the Giga heavy-duty truck while Honda worked on the fuel-cell technology system fuelled by hydrogen for the truck’s powertrain. With the fuel-cell powertrain producing zero CO2 emissions, both Isuzu & Honda believe that this hydrogen-powered system is ideal for trucks designed to carry heavy loads over long distances and long hours of operation.

Aside from not producing any carbon emissions, the clean heavy-duty truck also minimizes noise and vibration which will help accelerate Isuzu’s vision for a carbon-neutral society. In fact, Isuzu is working to eliminate the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) throughout the entire lifecycle of its products as well as direct GHG emissions from its business operations by 2050.

Hydrogen-powered Isuzu Giga Fuel Cell to debut at JMS 2023 image

Aside from the Giga Fuel Cell, Isuzu will also be showcasing the Elf EV at its booth during the Japan Mobility Show 2023. Also called the N-Series EV, this all-electric truck is Isuzu’s first mass-produced battery electric vehicle (BEV) and shares the same platform as its diesel-powered stablemates.

First revealed earlier this year, the Elf EV is available in various configurations; 40 kWh (dual-battery setup), 60 kWh (triple-battery setup), and 100 kWh (five-battery setup). No exact output figures were revealed although Isuzu did claim that the Elf EV can move 3.5 tons in gross vehicle weight (GVW) while the wide-body cab versions can carry more at 7.5 tons GVW.

With Isuzu looking to impress showgoers with its vision for a carbon-neutral future, we’ll be curious to see just how impressive the Giga Fuel Cell is as well as the Elf EV. As to when Isuzu plans to make a production version of its fuel-cell powered truck, the automaker is looking to have it ready by 2027.