Komatsu-Toyota concept autonomous light truck out by January 2024

Komatsu and Toyota are collaborating to build an autonomous light vehicle (ALV) that will utilize the Autonomous Haulage System and plan to release a working proof of concept by January 2024.

A smart light vehicle comes in very handy in mining sites that are currently experiencing labor shortages. It can provide additional safety measures on which multiple pieces of equipment are operated and reduce accidents due to human error.

The AHS technology comes from Komatsu. It has established proven performance in various mine environments and has earned a reputation for safety and productivity. AHS-enabled autonomous haul trucks and manual light vehicles have plenty of safety features, including decreasing their speed or stopping when passing light vehicles to avoid possible collisions caused by human error.

Komatsu and Toyota developing self-driving truck image

Autonomous haul trucks from Komatsu working side-by-side with Toyotas ALVs increases efficiency at mining sites. It will drastically reduce and even prevent accidental contact caused by drivers, as may happen with existing manual light vehicles, and minimize speed reductions or brief stops of autonomous haul trucks while passing light vehicles on a haul road. It also automates the transfer of parts for other mining equipment working in the field and the transfer of equipment operators for other machines such as loading equipment or bulldozers

To date, over 650 trucks with AHS are deployed in 22 sites spread out over five countries and each of them has earned a high reputation for safety and productivity from major global resource companies. Couple that with Toyota’s ALV and workplace safety goes up a notch.