LTO on the hunt for overloaded trucks and trailers

Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II has ordered all regional directors to strictly implement the crackdown on overloaded trucks and trailers in their respective areas of responsibility.

According to Mendoza, these overloaded trucks and trailers threaten road safety and at times cause fatal accidents – with the common issue being lost brakes due to overloaded cargo.

LTO chief orders campaign vs overloaded trucks image

“Based on the complaints that we have been receiving, overloaded trucks also contribute to road and bridge damage which eventually result in additional expenses for the national government for repairs… We need to seriously run after them because more than the damage to roads and bridges, they also threaten the safety of all road users,” said Mendoza.

In 2023, the LTO recorded around PHP 42.7 million in penalties for overloaded motor vehicles, especially trucks and trailers. The strict enforcement since August of last year resulted in a decrease of violations by 12.8% compared to the data in 2022.

“The guidance of our DOTr Secretary Jaime Bautista is very clear: to ensure the safety of road users at all times. Our strict implementation of laws on overloading is one of the measures that we could do to ensure safety of road users,” added Mendoza.