Subaru PH announces pricing of 2022 WRX


For the last few years, it has been Toyota that has been launching performance cars with the GR Supra and the GR Yaris. But now, it's Subaru's turn.

At the Manila International Auto Show, Subaru launched the all-new BRZ. Actually, they even beat Toyota to the punch because the country' number one automaker hasn't launched the BRZ's twin yet: the GR 86.

Now they've got another on the way, and yes it's the Subaru WRX. If you've been waiting for this vehicle with anticipation, we understand. The WRX is, after all, one of the most coveted performance cars in our market, and the new one gets the more powerful FA24 turbo with 275 PS and 350 Nm of torque.

And now they've released the prices prior to the June 8 launch.

The WRX sedan will be the core model of the line, and they will have three variants available. The “base” grade will be the WRX Sedan with the 6-speed manual (yes, manual) and it will retail for PHP 2.508M. The next grade higher is the WRX Sedan with the 8-speed CVT, and it will retail for PHP 2.658M.


2022 Subaru WRX starts at PHP 2.508M with 6-speed M/T image



Specifications are still unclear, but we expect the usual features like torque vectoring, 18 inch wheels, the new 11.8” touchscreen, leather, and EyeSight driver assist technology.

Subaru, however, wasn't content with just those models, as they have also announced that the WRX tS Sedan CVT will also be available albeit on an indent order basis. This variant will likely have the electronically controlled suspension system, extra drive modes, as well as different upholstery. The price of that will be PHP 2.808 million.

As Subaru fans may well know, the company will also be launching the WRX sport wagon variant. This version will likely have the same features as the WRX sedan, albeit with more space. It will retail for PHP 2.558 million as it will only be available with the CVT.

Like the sedan, the wagon variant will also have a tS model available on an indent order basis. We're not quite sure whether it will have the same features as the WRX tS sedan because the retail price for that will be PHP 2.708; a full PHP 100,000 less than the similar 4-door variant.

Needless to say, we'll be keeping an eye on what the differences will be on June 8.