2023 Peugeot E-308 EV goes on sale in 2023

The Peugeot 308 was the first model from the French manufacturer to receive the new upmarket design language last year. Already available with a plug-in hybrid version, Peugeot has taken things further and introduced the fully-electric E-308 hatchback and the E-308 SW station wagon.

For starters, the all-electric variant of the 308 is underpinned by the same platform as its combustion-powered counterpart, which means the design is largely carried over both inside and out. There's a slight modification however to the front end and underbody to further streamline the 308's undercarriage and improve aerodynamics.

Peugeot e-308 image

Inside, the E-308 has the latest-generation Peugeot i-Cockpit design that has a heated compact steering wheel, a three-dimensional digital heads-up display, and a central 10-inch touchscreen head unit.

As for its all-electric powertrain, the E-308 has an electric motor that puts out 156 PS and 260 Nm of torque. The motor then gets its juice from what Peugeot calls a new-generation battery, which is 80% Nickel, 10% Manganese, and 10% Cobalt. The 54 kWh high-voltage battery operates at 400 volts and allows an all-electric range of over 400 km.

Peugeot e-308 image

In terms of its charging capabilities, the three-phase 11kW charger comes as standard. But when plugged into a 100 kW fast charger, the E-308's batteries can go from 20% to 80% charge in less than 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, for better power management, the E-308 has three driving modes – Eco, Normal, and Sport. Peugeot also added a “Brake” mode that effectively lets the electric motor decelerate the car when the driver releases the pedal. It is somewhat similar in principle to Nissan's e-Pedal system.

Peugeot e-308 image

Peugeot says the E-308 will start to go on sale in the global market next year in the Allure and GT trim levels. However, there are no clear signs yet if this model will reach our market, as Peugeot's Gurun plant in Malaysia (where Peugeot PH gets its models) is not making the 308 as of now.