Toyota officially reveals second model in bZ series

Toyota's second model in the all-electric bZ series has been officially launched. And yes, it's another product of joint collaboration. Not with Subaru, but with two Chinese brands.

2023 Toyota bZ3 EV debuts with low drag, 600km range image

Enter the Toyota bZ3 electric sedan. An EV developed through the collaboration of Toyota, BYD, and FAW. While we're already familiar with the new model since it's been leaked ahead of its Chinese market debut back in August, let's run down some more important details about the bZ3.

First of which is its hammerhead shark-like design format. The bZ3 pretty much shares some styling cues with the bZ4X crossover, but Toyota says the former cuts through the air much smoother than the Toyobaru EV, getting a drag coefficient (Cd) value of 0.218. Measuring 4725 mm long, 1835 mm wide, and 1475 mm high with a 2880 mm wheelbase, the bZ3 sits in Tesla Model 3 territory size-wise.

2023 Toyota bZ3 EV debuts with low drag, 600km range image

Toyota also revealed the look of the bZ3's interior, which was designed primarily with a people-centered focus and calls it the Family Lounge. The brand emphasized maximum interior space while integrating a large vertical display in the middle called the Digital Island. This is where most of the vehicle functions like air conditioning, music, trunk release, and smartphone linking are all found.

On the other hand, BYD is indeed supplying Toyota with the bZ3's lithium-ion phosphate battery. The combined tech of BYD and Toyota's sleek design for the bZ3 gives the EV a maximum range of 600 km on a single charge. While Toyota has yet to divulge information about its capacity, the Japanese company said it used its years of experience with HEVs (hybrid-electric vehicles) to reduce battery degradation and prolong its lifespan.

2023 Toyota bZ3 EV debuts with low drag, 600km range image

For now, China will get first dibs on the EV, but reports suggest the Toyota bZ3 could be offered outside the Chinese market as early as 2024. FAW Toyota will be in charge of production and will be selling the EV through its dealer network.

We can expect at least four more electric models riding on the Toyota e-TNGA platform in the future, as Toyota initially announced their plans to introduce a compact car, medium crossover, medium sedan, medium minivan, medium SUV, and large SUV in their bZ lineup. Two down, four to go.