Volkswagen drops new teaser of the all-new Amarok

About a month ago, Volkswagen released the first-ever images of the 2023 Amarok albeit still wearing camouflage. It was not a full reveal, but we did see that it's larger than its predecessor. We also saw that it will have a sleeker and more aggressive design over the first-generation model.

With no exact date yet as to when Volkswagen will actually take the covers off, it's still anyone's guess when will the 2023 Amarok be actually revealed to the public.

However, the automaker has released another teaser of the upcoming pick-up. We still don't get to see the truck in its entirety, but we did see the Amarok's eye-catching LED headlights and a glimpse of its new front end.

2023 Volkswagen Amarok to have cool LED matrix headlights image

Like most new Volkswagens out on the road today, the 2023 Amarok will come with the iQ Light Matrix LED technology. Unlike your typical LED headlights, the iQ matrix technology comes with interactive light control that makes nighttime driving safer and more comfortable. More importantly, each headlight consists of 128 LEDs which ensures nighttime visibility at all times.

Other features of the matrix LED technology include auto-dimming function, daytime running light illumination, as well as animated direction indicators for the turn signals.

2023 Volkswagen Amarok to have cool LED matrix headlights image

As for the rest of the pick-up truck, we managed to see more of it by making the teaser image brighter. From what we gathered, the 2023 Amarok will have its own bumper design despite being a shared product with Ford.

We also saw that it will feature Volkswagen's signature grille complete with the 'VW' badge placed at the center. Other things that we noticed on the Amarok are the rear sports bar and flared wheel arches on the sides.

As Volkswagen continues to reveal teasers of the all-new Amarok, we're hoping to learn more about the design and its distinct features. After all, Ford has already released the 2022 Ranger. Once it's revealed, we might see the all-new Amarok here in the Philippines as Volkswagen is reportedly eyeing bringing it here in 2023. Fingers crossed Volkswagen doesn't change its mind.