MG shows off pre-production Cyberster in London

It has been a long time since MG has had a sports car. They did produce the classic MGB from 1963 to 1980, and before that the MGA. They also made the MG F and TF in the 2000’s, along with a limited run MG SV XPower V8. But having a sports car isn’t exactly a business priority, and so they haven’t made a new one since SAIC acquired MG in 2005.

Next year, that will change.

MG has just displayed a pre-production design model of the MG Cyberster at an event in London. The Cyberster will mark MG’s return to the realm of roadsters since the TF. And the kicker will be the fact that the Cyberster will be electric.

2024 Cyberster: MG Motor shows off upcoming EV roadster image

Since 2020, MG has been dropping hints that they will be producing an electric roadster. In May 2020, they released design teaser of the Cyberster. In April 2021 MG revealed the Cyberster in concept car form at Auto Shanghai; apt since MG’s parent is in Shanghai, albeit the lead design studio was in London.

The vehicle was displayed at a preview event at MG’s UK headquarters, and was led by the design team in London led by Carl Gotham.

““It is a special moment for all of us who have played a part in designing this unique car. The Cyberster will offer MG customers a striking, all-electric roadster which will be as exciting as MG sports cars of the past,” said Gotham. 

2024 Cyberster: MG Motor shows off upcoming EV roadster image

The pre-production design model represents quite a big step forward in the design process from the concept car two years ago. If anything, it actually looks production ready with functional headlights, a two-seater interior that appears ready, and doors that open butterfly-style… like a McLaren.

No details about power figures, 0-100 km/h times or range (it’s electric after all) were released, but we expect all this to be announced officially closer to the launch. MG says the Cyberster will launch in the UK in Summer of 2024.

As to whether we’ll see it in Philippine showrooms, we’re not sure. That will depend on customer demand. Even if the distributor pushes for the model in the Philippine market, other larger MG markets will get priority.