2022 Suzuki Alto Lapin LC debuts in Japan

Japan's Kei car segment brings the best out of Japanese engineers' creativity in making the most out of small packages. The latest and cutest example is this Suzuki 2022 Alto Lapin LC.

For starters, this third-generation model has been around since 2015, but the new LC variant turns back the clock with its retro-themed looks.

This adorable retro-styled Suzuki can do 31.4 km/l image

Unlike the regular Alto Lapin, the LC receives a different front grille featuring chrome accents together with its circular-shaped headlights. Also, the Lapin LC gets a set of wheels painted in white with chrome decorative caps.

To continue with the retro aesthetics, Suzuki chose old-school shades like light green, pastel pink, beige, brown, and blue as the available colors to go along with a brown or white roof for the two-tone scheme.

This adorable retro-styled Suzuki can do 31.4 km/l image

Inside, the Lapin LC shares the same interior layout as the standard Alto Lapin, albeit with a few special touches. There's a mix of beige and chocolate-colored faux leather, plus plaid fabric upholstery on the seats. For creature comforts, there's an optional 7-inch infotainment screen, plus heated seats and automatic climate control. To add to its interior quirkiness, Suzuki even featured animated bunnies below the speedometer, since the Lapin word is French for rabbit.

Powering the Alto Lapin LC is a 660cc three-cylinder engine that puts out 52 PS, and is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Available in either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, Suzuki says the car could achieve 31.4 km/l with the 2WD version.

This adorable retro-styled Suzuki can do 31.4 km/l image

In Japan, prices for the 2022 Suzuki Alto Lapin LC starts at JPY 1,405,000 (PHP 562,000) for the 2WD CVT, while the range-topping 4WD CVT two-tone is priced at JPY 1,537,000 (PHP 615,000).

We can only wish we could have Japan's Kei cars, as not only does their diminutive size be perfect for Metro Manila traffic, but their small-displacement engines mean they're also frugal when it comes to fuel consumption, something we dearly need in these trying times.