Suzuki developing compact EV for Indian market

Joint partnerships between automakers continue to become a trend in the industry as technology sharing proves to be an effective tool for manufacturers in developing new products, especially with electric and hybrid vehicles.

One such example is the joint development of Suzuki and Toyota in India. The duo's partnership saw them come up with the Urban Cruiser Hyryder and the revival of the Grand Vitara as an electrified crossover.

And apparently, the partnership will go beyond hybrids. According to Nikkei Asia, Suzuki is working on a fully-electric model based on a new EV dedicated platform developed with Toyota.

A lineup consisting of compact vehicles and SUVs is reported to be under consideration, with Suzuki targeting 2025 as the earliest launch date for its first battery-electric vehicle.

While Maruti Suzuki remains India's best-selling brand for passenger vehicles, they have yet to offer a fully-electric vehicle. But with their partnership with Toyota and their recently announced billion-dollar investment to produce EVs in Gujarat, India, Suzuki is making huge strides in becoming a major player in the EV market.

With Suzuki PH sourcing out their models in India, seeing a fully-electric Suzuki roaming Philippine roads may well be a good possibility in the future.

Source: Nikkei Asia