Chery teases Omoda 5 EV

Malaysia may be getting a new electrified SUV from Chery. A recent Facebook post from Chery Malaysia quietly unveiled the Omoda EV. This model is aimed at the Gen Z market and was teased in November of last year at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Its name was inspired by the Latin “O” for brand new and “moda” for fashion trends. Simply known as the Omoda 5, the compact crossover / SUV was slated to launch in early to mid-2022 in China with a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol motor from the company’s new Kunpeng engine family. 

Cherry Omoda EV on the horizon… for Malaysia. image

The Facebook post appears to be asking would-be customers their sentiments when it comes to the fully electric version. Parts of the pictures of the SUV on the post can also be clicked on to add comments by the customer.

The survey also asks about the expected price ranges and other buying factors to which the customer may add more comments for further input to Chery. The vehicle’s exterior and interior aspects are up to discussion as the automaker plans to pit the Omoda 5 against the like of the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Cherry Omoda EV on the horizon… for Malaysia. image

The electric SUV will feature a 64 kWh battery with a range of 450 kilometers. It will have an output of 204 PS and 400 Nm of torque. The vehicle will also have fast charging capabilities as it can go from 0-80% in 40 minutes. There is also a slower charging setting but a full charge will take 5 hours. 

Cherry Omoda EV on the horizon… for Malaysia. image

The Omoda 5 will measure 4374 mm long, 1824 mm wide, and 1585 tall. It will have a wheelbase of 2630 mm. This makes the EV a little bit shorter than the internal combustion-powered variant, which has been confirmed for launch in the Malaysian market. After its reveal via social media, the EV may be just around the corner. 

Will Chery bring the SUV line to our streets adding to their vehicle lineup? Will the version that we'll be getting be the electric or the internal combustion type?