Lamborghini wants to reduce their emissions

Lamborghini is one of the last automakers without a production hybrid model. They did have the Sian, but that was a limited model. Now they're going to make it more mainstream, if we can ever call a Lamborghini mainstream.

The Italian supercar builder announced today that its first hybrid series production car is arriving in 2023. And that's not all: by the end of 2024, the entire Lamborghini model range will be electrified.

In 2025, the Italian marque will introduce a new model, their first pure-electric vehicle. Yes, a Lamborghini EV will be arriving in four years.

All Lamborghini models to be electrified by 2024 image

Lamborghini isn't forgetting about non-hybrid models yet. Later this year, two new V12-powered supercars will debut. They will also be celebrating the combustion engine “by presenting models paying tribute to the company’s recent period of continuous success.” No specific details were revealed about the two upcoming V12 Lamborghinis.

CEO Stephan Winkelman officially announced Lamborghini's shift to electrification. Their goal? To reduce the CO2 emissions of their line up by at least 50-percent come early 2025. Lamborghini's going all-in on their plan too. The company is investing a total of EUR 1.5 billion (USD 1.835 billion) over four years. He adds that purists must not worry about the change. According to Winkelman, performance will remain the “absolute priority” during their transition to an electrified lineup.

So does that mean Lamborghini will no longer offer a non-hybrid model after 2024? That seems to be the case so far. With that, those who want to buy Lamborghini without electric assistance have a little under three years to do so.