Audi's largest vehicle to date is called the Q6

Yes, you read that headline right, the Q7 will no longer be the biggest Audi available. Set to be revealed in China soon is the all-new Audi Q6. Despite its unusual name, the Q6 will serve as the automaker's largest vehicle to date.

Based on information logged at China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the Q6 is the result of a collaboration between Audi and SAIC. It will measure 5099mm long, 2104mm wide, and 1784mm tall. It also has a 2980mm wheelbase which is identical to the Volkswagen Atlas. This could mean the Q6 is essentially a (heavily) rebadged version of Volkswagen's latest three-row SUV.

All-new Audi Q6 to be bigger than Q7 image

Side-by-side with the Q7, the Q6 is longer by 36mm, wider by 134mm, and taller by 43mm. However, the Q7 still has a (slightly) longer wheelbase which comes in at 2995mm, 15mm more than what the Q6 has. But despite the wheelbase difference, reports from the PRC claim that the Q6 will be available with a second-row bench seat or with captain seats for both the second and third-rows.

Style-wise, the Q6 has a different look compared to its closest relative. It gets a big front grille with diamond-like inserts, a front bumper extender, T-shaped bezels on the foglights, and 'quattro' branding near the grille. The rear, meanwhile, comes with full-width LED taillights, a distinct tailgate, a rear bumper extender that's similar to the front, and a spoiler mounted on the tailgate.

Despite its huge size, the Q6 will not be getting any V6 or V8 engines under the hood. Supposedly, it will only be receiving two turbocharged inline-fours. Based on data by MIIT, the first engine will make 231 PS while the other will produce 261 PS. Torque outputs for either engine were not revealed.

All-new Audi Q6 to be bigger than Q7 image

Once revealed in China, the Q6 will be available with a wide array of wheel designs, grille finishes, exterior and interior trim pieces, and extra amenities and safety features.

Could the Q6 make its way to the Philippines? With Audi Philippines distributor PGA Cars sourcing its vehicles from Europe, the Q6 will most likely not make an appearance here. Still, the fact that it dethroned the Q7 as the largest Audi built is something.