First images of the Honda ZR-V cabin revealed

Earlier this May, GAC Honda released the first images of the all-new ZR-V. Despite having a unique name, the crossover is actually the Chinese version of the USDM HR-V. While it may have a different name, we already know that it's underpinned by the same platform that is seeing use in the all-new Civic.

So we know it has the Civic's platform underneath and it has the same exterior look as the HR-V across the Pacific. But what does it look like on the inside? Wonder no more the first images of the ZR-V's interior have just been revealed.

Released by Chinese publication Autohome, the Honda ZR-V for the People's Republic comes with the same dashboard as the Civic. From the three-spoke leather steering wheel, digital instrument panel, touchscreen infotainment, as well as the unique honeycomb-like trim on the dashboard itself, the ZR-V's cabin was essentially lifted straight from the Civic.

Honda Civic image
Honda ZR-V image

There are some aspects of the ZR-V's interior that are unique. The corner air vents on the dashboard have a more rounded shape than the sedan. It also has what looks to be a chrome strip with directional tabs instead of the "joystick controllers" on the Civic. The dashboard, on the other hand, appears to have contrast stitching which the sedan lacks.

Even the center console of the ZR-V is different from the Civic's. Whereas the sedan's gear selector is much closer to the driver to make room for the center cupholders, the ZR-V's gear selector is actually placed right in the middle. The cupholders, meanwhile, are placed in front of the selector and placed lower. As an added touch, both sides of the center console come with USB ports. The one on the left appears to be for the touchscreen while the left one is for charging.

Aside from getting a peek at the ZR-V's cabin, we also managed to find out its dimensions. At 4568mm long, 1840mm wide, and 1621mm tall, it's marginally bigger than its closest rival, the Corolla Cross. Side-by-side with the Toyota, the Honda is 108mm longer, 15mm wider, and 1mm taller. The 2655mm wheelbase of the ZR-V also meant that it's 15mm roomier than the Corolla Cross.

All-new Honda ZR-V revealed with Civic-like interior image

As for what's under the hood, it comes with a 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo inline-four that's also derived from the Civic. It makes 182 PS with 240 Nm of torque and is connected to a CVT that drives the front wheels.

With the ZR-V already revealed in China, would it make sense for Honda to bring it to Southeast Asia? Perhaps, but since we already have the all-new HR-V in the country it might cannibalize sales of the latter.

Do you like the looks and style of the Honda ZR-V? Or do you still prefer the more driver-centric approach of the Civic? Let us know in the comments.