If there is one Nissan we’re excited about, it is the next-generation Z car. In foreign markets, we know Z cars by numbers (i.e. 370Z, 240Z, etc.), but in Japan, they know it as Fairlady Z. 

We’ve already seen the sports car’s silhouette and a sketch of the rear end from previous teasers, but the engine, powertrain, and transmission are still mysteries. Fortunately, the latest teaser video from Nissan does hint that the next-gen Z may have a proper stick shift transmission.

In the new teaser video, Nissan shows all of the previous-generation Z vehicles and the models that inspired the next-generation Fairlady Z. However, what really piqued our interest was the short clip showing the new Z’s interior. Unfortunately, we don’t see the dashboard or any other part of the cabin. But we did get a peek of where the transmission lever would be... albeit obscured by the driver's hand.

Nissan hints next-gen Fairlady Z will still have a manual image

Due to the hand placement, we can’t officially confirm whether or not it is a manual, but based on how the hand is holding the shift knob, we're inclined to think it's a manual transmission. Specifically, it seems like the person is going to shift gears from the hand movement. Considering the 370Z is available with both a manual and automatic, it would also be logical for Nissan to offer the same on the upcoming Z.

But here's another interesting piece of information: the driver was placing the right hand on the shifter. That means the car in the video has the steering wheel on the left, not the right. It could mean that what we're seeing isn't a JDM right-hand drive Fairlady Z, but an export version Z car. Whether they call it 400Z (as the rumors indicate) or not, we'll have to wait.

As for other details such as the engine, it seems like we will have to wait until Nissan officially reveals the all-new Z. Thankfully, the wait won’t be too long as September 15 is less than a week away.